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Sam I Am

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Welcome to Team Sam We Am. As you may know, I was born in September 2010 with multiple CHDs including Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV), a variant of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), mitral valve stenosis, and an interrupted Aortic Arch (IAA). Basically, I was born with a detached aorta and half of a heart. As a result of my heart defects, I have survived three open-heart surgeries (one at 2 days old, one at 6 months old, and one at 2 years old). I also have an underlying syndrome called Kabuki Syndrome, which has resulted in 9 other surgeries. Despite all of this, I am a happy, healthy, and very active pre-schooler and have for every breath I have taken and am now the epitome of happiness and love. I love people, smiles every chance I can, and just enjoy my life. If you have ever met me, you can see how much I appreciate life and the chance I have been given! I even make grumpy people stop and smile.

Join me and my team on June 26 as we walk for our 6th year in support of an amazing organization that provides non-medical support for families like ours. It's My Heart New England helps families in and out of the hospital and we know first-hand how important groups like this one are. We walk in support of me as well as all of my heart friends and angels. We walk to spread awareness for the number 1 birth defect in the world. 1 out of 100 babies is born with CHD, yet funding and research is 5 times lower than for childhood cancers. The way to change this is to spread awareness. Awareness = Funding; Funding = Research; Research = Answers!

Thank you so much for helping us help others!
Sam and family

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